Weolcome to Kundalini Reiki

What is Kundalini Reiki?
Do you wish to enhance your kundalini flame in a gentle way? Or have you experienced a too intense kundalini rise and want to balance your nadi and chakras? Then, Kundalini Reiki might be what you are looking for.

Kundalini is the energy of consciousness and enlightenment. Kundalini Reiki is a frequency of Reiki channeled and spread by (danish) Ole Gabrielsen. It is a wonderful crystal clear energy that expands nadin (the body's main energy meridian) and the chakras, thereby increasing our ability to charge energy from mother earth. This frequency amplifies awareness of energy frequencies and how energy works. At the same time, it further refines the chakra system as a tool for Reiki. In Kundalini Reiki, kundalini is awakened to a degree that is perfect for you. There is no risk of getting "to much" of stimuli. Kundalini Reiki awakens kundalini in a gentle way, it does not enforce a complete rise. If you have already experienced a kundalini rise that has been too intense, Kundalini Reiki may on the other hand help you balance your energy and become more aware of your energy channel (which it did for me). To be initiated in Kundalini Reiki, you first need to have completed Reiki Step 2, which means that you are already prepared by previous initiations. Your kundalini flame is already lit to a degree and the initiation in kundalini reiki stimulates the energy to manifest itself further and thereby promote spiritual growth.

The nature of a kundalini awakening
Kundalini is usually explained as "the energy of consciousness". The term litteraly means "coiled up" in Sanskrit and the concept originates from Hindu mythology. The myth says that the energy (a goddess according to Hinduism) is rolled up like a par of snakes at the bottom of our spine. When the energy / goddess is awakened, the snakes rise and if the energy is allowed to travel successfully from the root chakra up to the crown chakra, one reaches enlightenment when the goddess unites with the god in the crown chakra. The human soul (atman) then achieves salvation by becoming part of the world soul (brahman). Yogis and mystics can practice and prepare a lifetime to raise this slumbering energy, while others rise it unintentionally, often during a life crisis. If there are many blockages in the chakra system, the rise can be painful as a result of all cleansing, whereas if one prepares (spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically) it can instead become a blissful experience. And there's also all variants in the middle as well. (My kundalini rise was not intentional and painful, but on the other hand immensely educational).

Kundalini rise and "kundalini syndrome"
Someone may wonder whether a kundalini rise can involve risks, and then we must first unpack what kundalini actually is. "Kundalini energy" is just a metaphor for spiritual enlightenment and the slumbering snake is a symbol, not an actual entity. Mystic and religius teachings are at their core really about just that - finding the kingdom of heaven/nirvana/initiation into a deep spiritual consciousness. Since I myself met the Christ energy and Jesus in my kundalini rise, I use Christian symbolism in parallel with Eastern thinking. In a Christian interpretation of the Enlightenment, the energy is represented by the Holy Spirit and it is usually symbolized by a dove or fire. In fact, it is comman also to call kundalini energy a "fire" that lights up. Jesus taught that the kingdom of God is a force WITHIN man when the Holy Spirit comes upon her (Acts 1: 8). Thus, he is speaking of the same principle as for the kundalini energy, the force that awakens the individual's spiritual energy and raises it to perfection. The "rising" in nadi through the chakras can be translated into the Christian "dark night of the soul", where a person's motives, perception of reality, actions, etc. are tested as in a purgatory before she can reach salvation (enlightenment). The "purification" of sin (ie blocked / heavy / dark energy as well as ego-based driving forces) can become painful if the person has not lived a so-called godly life prior to the rise (what ever that might bee ;-).
In other words; a kundalini rise is about spiritual insight. It can be hard work before the process is complete. It can also trigger fears for anyone who are not prepared to face their shadows and do not understand what they are up to.  There are stories of kundalini risings that have led to mental breakdowns, ie kundalini syndrome. Spiritual awakening may indirectly affect a person's mental functions, but it is important to understand that the spiritual journey does not in itself create problems. In this case, mental vulnerability has already been latent in the individual and the ill health is triggered by stress, linked to an excess of mental stimulation. This "risk" in spiritual exercises is found in ALL religions and mystic practices, not just practices useing kundalini as a metaphor. Mental health issues had most likely occurred sooner or later anyway, only triggerd by a different stress factor. In other words, spiritual seeking is no more riskey than exploring life over all - we always need to pay attention to how we feel and prevent mental health issues. And if we do would end up with an imbalanced kundalini energy, there is help to get! Reiki for example. Although it may feel challenging, the spiritual journey is worth while. To be empowered with kundalini is to gain control of your life through contact with the world soul, and in turn be able to create the life you wish for... And as stated before, kundalini awakening by Reiki does not involve these kind of risks. Reiki is all good.


I usually performe attunements to Kundalini Reiki as part of the Reiki step 2 course. If you already attended Reiki 2 somewhere else, you may receive Kundalini Reiki to a reduced cost. Please contact me and I'd be happy to help you.