Are you looking for energy healing? Reiki is an ancient energy medicin with Japanese roots that reduces pain, fautige and anxiety.
English speaking reception in Gothenburg.
We welcome all nationalities and different backgrounds.

For whom?
Reiki is a complementary medicin to decrease stress or pain and to increase energy, mindfullness and harmony. Reiki healing may help if you: 
.... feel anxiety, pain or stress 
... are often tired or frustrated
... feel fragmented and want to heal your inner self 

One treatment takes about 1 hour. The session starts with a short conversation if there is something special you want the healing to achieve. Note that Reiki can never replace conventional school medicine. If you are ill, you should always seek medical care from a doctor. However, Reiki can increase your relaxation and thus your body's self-healing ability. After the initial conversation, we do a relaxation exercise, focusing on your breathing. I then place my hands on or just above your body. You can feel a flowing energy, or you feel nothing at all. Reiki works whether you believe it or not, but your intention about your own healing is also important. All contact is with clothes on the body. Your visit is treated confidentially. I meet all my clients with deep respect for where they are right now in life. 

How does it work?
The philosophical of foundation of energy medicine comes from the Eastern beiliefs  (Hinduism and Buddhism) about the chakra system. The chakras are a kind of energy centers in the body, which can get more or less serious blockages. This beilief is, for example, a central part of the yoga teaching. The Reiki healing will balance your chakras to a level perfect for you.

What to expect?
There is a health maintainence purpose of Reiki, such as relaxation, mindfullness and an increase of energy. Research on Reiki is still in its infancy, but there are a number of studies showing Reikin's benefit in clinical care as well. With Reiki, energy can start flowing freely in the system again, which means that blocked emotions can bubble up to the surface, such as sadness, anger etc. Emotions surfaces because they need to be released. A beginning physical condition can also be accelerated, such as an onset of cold outbreaks. Reiki healing may also bring about changes on the social level - in relationships, professionally, etc., if you find yourself in a situation that is not in accordance with your own highest good. Any changes that might happen will always be out of good.

About me
I am a 40 years old reiki master and energy therapist. I also have a University masters degree in sociologi and a candidate degree in philosophy. I have worked in the corporate world with human recources for serveral years and I am experienced in guideing people in distress. My interest in energy therapy developed since I am an empath and are highley sensitive to emotions and blockages in other living beeings. 

Don´t be a stranger, just say hello

This site is under construction. Please contact me in English with any questions or inquieries, and I'd be happy to help. The therapy room is in the ground floor of my house, with it's own entrance. Find me.